The sleek contemporary design not only makes the “Metamorphosis” power recliner perfect but is a must have for any home.

Metamorphosis Recliner

The sleek contemporary design along with the comfortable headrest design adorned with stylish stitched details not only makes the "Metamorphosis" power recliner perfect for any living room décor, but with the added functionality of cup holders within the contemporary shaped arms this is a must have for any home.

A couple of reminders before you start assembling your furniture:

  • Please remember to read all assembly instructions prior to assembling the product.
  • Make sure you have all parts before beginning assembly.
  • To avoid damage, assemble the product on a non-abrasive surface.


We are here to help. In the event that you notice missing parts or damage, have a warranty or assembly question please contact:

Berkline Customer Service
Phone: 866.319.0809866.319.0809
Fax: 800.477.0103

Please have your sales receipt and product serial number available when talking to Customer Service.

How to clean and care for your leather sofa

  • Dust often and use a vacuum cleaner crevice tool to clean seams.
  • Clean weekly using a damp sponge or soft, lint-free cloth. Do not rub; instead, wipe gently.
  • Do not use or place sharp objects on leather goods. Leather is very durable; however, it is not accident or damage proof.
  • Keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight and at least two feet from heat sources to avoid fading and cracking.
  • Do not place newspapers or magazines on leather furniture. The ink from these items may be transferred onto the leather.
  • Do not use abrasives, harsh chemicals, or saddle soap on leather furniture. Only use recommended cleaners.
  • Pretest all of the care products in a hidden area to make sure that they are compatible with the leather.
  • Do not use common household cleaners on leather furniture. These cleaners can cause severe damage and costly repairs.
  • Improper cleaning may void your leather furniture warranty.

Spot Cleaning Leather

  • Blot any spills immediately; do not rub.
  • To remove a spot, follow the steps below...
    • Use a solution of 1/2 mild soap (Neutrogena) and 1/2 distilled water on a slightly dampened cloth or sponge.
    • Rinse by blotting with distilled water.
    • Blot to remove excess water.
  • For difficult stains, contact a professional cleaning service.

This chart is a summary of our Warranty. To view/print the Complete Warranty - CLICK HERE

Product or Part Warranty
Frames Upholstered & Leather Products Ltd Lifetime Warranty 1 Year
Springs 5 yr Limited Warranty 1 Year
Recliner Mechanisms 3 yr Limited Warranty 1 Year
Sleeper Mechanisms 3 yr Limited Warranty 1 Year
Unattached Cushioning 1 yr Limited Warranty 1 Year
Attached Cushioning 1 yr Limited Warranty 1 Year
Leather & Upholstery
1 yr Limited Warranty 1 Year
Top of Bed 30 days 30 days
Finishes & All Other Products 1 yr Limited Warranty 1 Year
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